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Suitable for:

QA/QC personnel, Welding Inspectors, Welding Engineers, Welding Co-ordinators, surveyors, third parties.

Course Content:

Codes and standards; ASME IX introduction; ASME IX; QG - General; heat input; essential variables; non-essential variables; supplementary essential variables; mechanical properties; destructive testing and NDE; formulating welding procedures; QW procedure and WPS; training exercise WPS and PQR; welder qualification; welding performance and welders.

Certification/Awarding Body:


Course Objectives:

Attendees will be able:

  • To demonstrate that they can navigate through ASME IX
  • To understand how a welding procedure is compiled against ASME IX and assessed for compliance to that standard/code

Additional Information:

TWI will provide the code for the course and examination. However, this will remain the property of TWI.

Requirements prior to taking a certification test:

Job responsibilities and experience criteria for examination eligibility as given below are strictly adhered to and enforced.

Candidates must have the following as a minimum:

  • Hold a current valid Senior Welding Inspector or International equivalent OR
  • Certified Welding Inspector with five years relevant verified work experience or International equivalent OR
  • A HNC in Welding Fabrication OR
  • Been working in a quality control function related to welding activities with five years verified working experience - this could relate to a CSWIP 3.1 holder
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